Sunday, February 2, 2014

Leave of Absence / Rap Genius Internship

UPDATE: "Bloomberg Businessweek" discussed my Rap Genius internship in an article titled, "The Next Problem for MOOCs Starts With A Rap Genius Intern"

UPDATE: "Gawker" covered my Rap Genius internship in an article titled, "Oysters and Weed: Meet the Rap Genius Interns"

UPDATE: "NextShark" covered my Rap Genius internship in an article titled, "Live, Work and Party in Bel Air: The Crazy Life of Interning Under the Founder of Rap Genius"

UPDATE: "The New Noise" radio show interviewed me re my leave of absence on Feb. 17

I'm taking a leave of absence this semester. School blows—not all the time, but most of the timeand last semester I felt depressed and stressed out frequently, because of the amount of coursework and the alienating environment I was in. I'm grateful to be going to college, and I plan to graduate, but I was dealing with some academic and family-related issues so it was something I felt I had to do for myself.

So I'm taking the semester February I'm going to stay at the Rap Genius mansion in Bel-Air. I'm here right now: this house is really cool. I'll probably take pictures or make a video of it at one point. There's like, a theater, jacuzzi, pool, ping-pong balcony overlooking the pool, ultra-modern decor and lighting, unlimited free food delivery, and like, more...and the weather is really warm too. I've never experienced anything this nice in my life I think.

In March I'm going to travel across the US. I saved up some money from my startup and I'm going to visit friends and family across the country. Some of the cities I plan to hit include: Chicago, Philadelphia, Memphis, San Diego, Las Vegas, Houston, and Columbus. Any of my internet or real-life friends, hit me up. I'd love to visit your city, I want to see all of America.

In April I'm going to work on the startup I founded, LightHouse Ohio. We're in a position now where I can fully support myself with the money I make from that, which I'm really grateful for.

I'll also be writing for Thought Catalog and VICE Magazine during my leave. If you want me to freelance articles for your publication/etc, or if you want to contact me for anything, hit me up via email, zachmschwartz[at]gmail[dot]com. 


  1. Damn, dude. You're living the life.

  2. Having the ability to just "pause" school and live the dream = awesome

  3. Very nice post,your life is very nice.We all dream of getting a chance to work that dream job right out of college and life like this.