Monday, September 2, 2013

Three Poems About Heartbreak


when you came in it was all pastels

bright but ugly, and unfocused

you took your purple soul and pinned it to mine

and i was happy as the colors 

settled into a warm rhythm

like the washing 

of clothes

but you 

took those away from me with one phone call

and everything lost its hue

in one night

i went outside and it was all grey

like winter had come too early 

in the city we share

now i have to

color in the world you inhabited

with other people, places, and things

but no purple soul to swirl like stars

around the center of the universe, a heart

you once told me 

was the color of gold

that has grown dim

and unwilling to be corrected

not without

the help of an artist

such as yourself

i want to hold you but i can’t

i want to hold you but i can't

as my parents scream at each other from the front seat of the car

i slip into my music and thoughts 

my outer level of consciousness like an outfit 

i shed to swim in a lake somewhere

where there is a sign that says,

“no trespassing”

two people have been there with me: you and her 

but it was always so much fun with you

and since we’ve ended i've wanted to hold you one last time

but i can't

you stole my clothes and ran off with them

now i'm wading here alone

hoping you come back

before the cops come and find me here



and naked

’13 bonnie and clyde

i’ve never met a soulja like you

carrying so much heartbreak on her shoulder 

firing a gun at the world

we could have robbed banks together, a

'13 bonnie and clyde

a dark personality to match mine

but one night you stuck up me too

turned on me and robbed me of my stuff

i guess i never could trust a thief

who committed the same crimes as me

i don’t want my money back

i just want to know 

where you went

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