Friday, August 30, 2013

Don't Listen to Miley Cyrus

I published a post on "Medium" titled, "Don't Listen to Miley Cyrus"


  1. nice, i liked this

  2. Zach -- Jay Z was a Hustler prior to becoming a famed music artist -- He sold drugs for a living -- that said, it was Crack Cocaine. While he may be clean currently, he was not in his past --- and htis could explain how the lyrics he wrote were so atune to drug use. So to correlate the lyrics to Miley Cyrus and being a drug user, well, that may not be fact.

  3. Anonymous - There's a big difference between selling drugs and doing drugs. Jay-Z has repeatedly said he doesn't do drugs, doesn't even really smoke weed. Miley Cyrus is a rich girl advocating doing drugs; Jay-Z was a poor kid selling drugs. Those are completely opposite lifestyles. Jay-Z did out of necessity; Cyrus does it because it seems she thinks it's cool, or something.