Monday, November 12, 2012

An Account of my Trip to Cleveland 11/11-11/12

I went home to Cleveland, OH this past weekend. I came in to host an event for my incubator, LightHouse Ohio. You can read an "official recap" of the event here. More on that in a little bit.

An interesting thing happened to me before I had even left New York City. I was at the Greyhound station waiting for my bus and I decided to get food. I went to the main food stand, essentially just a take-out line, and I started to try and get the server’s attention when a huge dude posts up next to me. He’s muttering stuff, he’s real close, but I decide to pay him no attention. No sooner have I started to tell the server my order than I hear an aggressive "Do you want to fight me?" coming from my side, from the man. The tone of his voice sounds unstable. I am surprised and a little afraid. “Did I cut him?” I wonder. The server answers my question. She calmly says to the man, "Sir before I serve you I have to serve him, he was here first." I look at the man too and mutter something like “no, just chill,” and I attempt to continue my order. The man launches into a string of incomprehensible crazy-sounding gibberish and moves closer to me. I finally look at him again and make unbroken eye contact. Okay, this guy is very clearly crazy. You can see it in his eyes. His pupils don’t line up, there’s white showing in them like foam. He looks away sheepishly, but as soon as I look back at the server he starts talking again. The server takes it all in good stride (she’s probably really used to crazy people) and helps me out, making recommendations for my order as to expedite the process. I got my food and left. I was pretty stunned. The man didn’t follow me.

I made it to Cleveland, and I worked all day on Friday for LightHouse, attending business meetings, public relations meetings, setting up the event for that night. The event, by the way, was great. We packed the house, with about 60 people. LaunchHouse really put us on with this one. They bought so much great food, they had their staff and interns helping me out to set it up. I honestly love LaunchHouse. I feel like they’re one of the most awesome places in Cleveland to be. The space gets cooler and cooler every time I go there. This time, after only a month of being away, I went to the back garage area and saw they were adding a recording studio for rappers and musicians, plus a second floor. You should go visit their site and like them on Facebook, they are doing it for Cleveland in a big way and I’m super glad that my team and I are along for the ride.

Later that Friday night, I went and hung out with my my two best friends from my hometown, Jordan and Ziggy. Jordan is a really talented writer/musician you should check out here. I feel like I've learned "significant amounts" of what I know about working hard/being successful from him. We had a really typical night for our group of friends. After watching the newest Gucci Mane videos together, Jordan and I got so turnt up that we wanted to record a rap song, but Ziggy was tired and just wanted to go to bed. So, Ziggy just went to bed and we stayed in his basement and recorded a chorus and part of a verse for a song over the “Fucking Problem” beat by A$AP Rocky. Then, Jordan and I stepped outside so he could smoke a cigarette and we chopped it up. Meaning, we talked business, we talked about possible ways we could work with each other and help out our friends out as well.

On Saturday, I hung out with my Dad and uncle, then boarded the Greyhound back to New York City later that night. I slept all night on the Greyhound, got to New York City and boarded the subway for Columbia University. I got to Columbia at around 11 am, took a shower, then went to straight to the library to work on this blog post and other things as well. The grind never stops. Below are two pictures from the event. Peace out (for now). 

A Picture of the Crowd
Me Speaking at the Event